When three friends decided to join forces to create a new kind of restaurant, we knew we wanted to build it on a foundation of friendship, hard work, and organic growth. Proudly independent, proudly local, and powerfully tied to community. Rooted firmly here in New England, it was destined to be down to earth and welcoming to everyone.

We wanted to build a place where friends could gather and be themselves. Where they can choose from dozens of locally made beers and skillfully made cocktails. Where the food is excellent, made fresh every day on site, from real local ingredients, with a menu that is diverse, accessible, and affordable. This place, Tavern in the Square, is an evolution of the classic neighborhood joint. A place to stop in for a beer, meet a date for a drink, watch a game with friends, or sit down for relaxing dinner with family. No matter which Tavern you visit, you’ll find groups of friends, new and old, enjoying good drinks, great food, and a fun environment. Every Tavern we build is a reflection of its community.

We’re your neighbors, and this is your Tavern.


732 E. Broadway
Boston, MA 02127


Chief Executive Officer

Stephen DeSousa

Director of Operations

Adam Dorey

Director of Finance

Rob Ames


15 Locations and Counting!

We go beyond Tavern in the Square.
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